An Interview with Louise Hare




THE MUMBLE : Hi Louise, so you’re all set up for 2017. Its the Audio Soup Equinox party in a couple of weeks & the third venue in as many years – what’s the back-story?
LOUISE : Last year, the Biscuit Factory didn’t quite fit with our vibe, so this year we’re going to somewhere that we love and that love us, Studio 2 just4 💜 It’s our 7th year doing Audio Soup Equinox party. We’re really happy to be doing it at Studio 24 for the first time. Our usual mix of bands and Djs that people know and love. This gig helps us raise funds for the big festival on July 21st in the Scottish Borders. The Correspondents are back with us and headlining Equinox, along with Samson Sounds and Yoko Pono. It’s an 11 hour long event starting at 4pm. Folks should get down early and catch the wonder that is Becci Wallace and beautiful singer songwriter from Glasgow.

THE MUMBLE : This is your 7th equinox in a row, what is the reasoning behind an early Audio Soup
LOUISE : It’s to bring home the light

THE MUMBLE : That’s too hippy an answer, Louise
LOUISE : I know lol

THE MUMBLE : Expand please
LOUISE : Its an excuse to get a massive soundsystem out (Electrikal) and celebrate winter being over. It also let us get local bands and djs playing.


THE MUMBLE : Is everything settled up at Cranshaws for this summer’s main event
LOUISE : All set for Cranshaws this year, no problems there. Line up is going to be released a couple weeks after Equinox

THE MUMBLE : What other festivals do you like to get out to during the summer
LOUISE : Knock. As long as I don’t miss Knock 🙂 We’re also doing a 12-hour Woodland Dance with three stages, including Mungos HiFi and Electrikal sound system at Vogrie park in 29th April. So looking forward to that too

THE MUMBLE : What is it about running Audio Soup that keeps you coming back & on it every year
LOUISE : It’s just what we do. So much good music and talent to get involved with. Also in this part of Scotland we are the only three-day festival.

THE MUMBLE : What does Louise Hare like to do when she’s not organising kick-ass events
LOUISE : I’m with my kids, studying nursing and going to my pals kick ass gigs.

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