An Interview with Paul Lemi



The Mumble loves to see what’s going on across the planet, & have heard fantastic things about the Bayimba Festival in Uganda…

Hello Paul, so where are you from & where are you at, geographically speaking?
Paul: I am from West Nile in Uganda a district called Moyo in Uganda but reside in Kampala Uganda.

Can you tell us about your studies in America & your return to Uganda?
Paul: I have studied the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing by correspondence and am also studying my Masters online. I did not leave the country.

How, when & why did you get involved?
Paul: I got involved in Bayimba because I have loved arts and come from a family that has artists.

This is the festival’s eleventh year anniversary. How have things evolved since its inception?
Paul: We have seen the Festival grow in terms of numbers and partners to ensure that each year it happens. By last year, we had over 10,000 fans gracing the Festival which prompted us to get a more spacious location.

How do you guys decide upon the acts?
Paul: The acts apply online to perform and we get to assess their match for the Festival but we also working with various booking partners to identify talent that matches the Festival requirements. Booking partners like Fezah and East African Records come in handy.


What have you guys got for us this year?
Paul: We are taking people to the shores of Lake Victoria in a relaxing environment with camping facilities to enable them enjoy 4 days of Bayimba like there has never been. The new home of Bayimba is Just 45 Kms out of Kampala the Capital of Uganda.

What is Kampala like during the festival?
Paul: Kampala gets heated up anticipating the new excitement and unique programming that Bayimba always has to offer.

This year you are moving to a new location, can you tell us about it?
Paul: Lunkulu Island in Mukono district is 100 acres of space. We are dedicating 60 acres to festival activities and 40 to preserve nature. This place is in Lake Victoria hence low noise pollution but again we get to have more space to give more value to those attending by offering a variety of showcases and performances.

To someone who has never been to the Bayimba International Festival, what have they got to expect?
Paul: Bayimba is the biggest Festival in Uganda and people get excited to be part of it as well as attend because it brings together the biggest performing acts to showcase. Every aspect of Arts and culture in Uganda is put on our exciting programming.

Will there be a 2019 festival?
Paul: Yes please, at the same venue. This is an annual event.





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