An Interview with Electric Fields



Each year Electric Fields grows bigger & better. The Mumble managed a wee blether & a bit of brunch with the boys behind it all…

Hello Nick, so where are you & Alex from & where are you both at, geographically speaking?
Nick: We’re from Dumfries & Galloway, having moved round the region a little bit but originally from Moniaive (the coolest village on earth). I now live in Leith, and Alex is representing in Dumfries.

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Where, when & how did the idea for Electric Fields originate?
Alex: It grew from a small festival I ran for a few years. After our new home at Drumlanrig was established and one rebrand later, Electric Fields was born in 2014.

When did you first get into events?
Nick: I always had a keen interest in events. I got a flyering job on an amazing show called Fuerzabruta in 2007 and it really opened to my eyes to what an amazing production can do to people. After uni I started working at EUSA, firstly as a Box Office Manager and then Events Marketing Officer, where I really learnt the trade.

Who inspires you musically?
Nick: Lots! Interestingly when you work surrounded by music it can sometimes be quite difficult to truly enjoy it, so to take some time out and remember that you really love it is important. I saw David Byrne recently and that blew my mind.

To someone who has never been to the Electric Fields, what have they got to expect?
Alex: The best food, music, scenery, people and atmosphere.


The party goes from strength. Did you ever forsee such popularity?
Alex: I think with the team and setting we have, it was almost inevitable. However the sudden time it took to get to this size certainly took me by surprise.



What does Nick Roberts like to do when he’s not organising kick-ass parties?
Nick: Haha. I like to go to kick-ass parties!

How do you decide upon the acts?
Alex: We have a cracking booking team who keep their ear extremely to the ground. All the acts are eclectic, incredible live performers. They will make you think or dance till your feet hurt. Your new favourite performer will be there.

How is your working relationship with Dumfries & Galloway council?
Really great. They’ve always been very supportive and we’re lucky to have a team within the council who really see the value in having cultural events in the region.

Can you describe your relationship with Alex in a single sentence?
Nick: They say never work with children or animals, siblings should be added to that.

Can you describe your relationship with Nick in a single word?
Alex: Brother.

Who have been your favorites in the past?
Alex: Primal Scream, Peter Hook, Erol Alkan. Kate Tempest was jaw droppingly good – THE best.

Last year you went to two days, this year its going to be three. Why the change & how is it working out?
Nick: When 2 worked so well, 3 just felt very natural. It’s hard sometimes to get properly in the festival spirit when it’s 2 days but 3 means you can get properly into it. It’s working out really well and I think it’ll be a great addition. James on a Thursday night is a lot of fun!

Who have you got for us this year?
Alex: Noel Gallagher, James, Leftfield, Teenage Fanclub, Lady Leshurr, Young Fathers, Idles, The Horrors, Holly Cook, The Coral

Will there be an event in 2019?
Alex: We’re already on it!

Electric Fields 2018

Drumlanrig Castle

August 30th – September 1st


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