Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert (left)

Glasgow Green

When I first started going to Gigz, My musical pal and I Dave Jowett (Jengerizers) We were both 15 at the time and went to school together and had been friends and partners in crime since we were 9 years old. We had our first live music experiences. Toyah, Numan, Spandau Ballet, Culture Club, Duran Duran. We lost touch when I left Bradford for adventures further afield. Indeed the last time we saw each other was a chance meeting In Bradford when I was visiting Mum and Dad. That was 20 years ago.

We connected again via facebook and made plans for a long-overdue catch up. In chat before Jengerizers arrived, he told me his fave live band of the moment were Catfish And The Bottlemen. They just happened to be headlining TRNSMT. So Just like back in the old days. We headed to Glasgow for some Rock N Roll.

When we set off, I wasn’t sure what to expect from TRNSMT as its not a Festival I have attended before and I know it hadnae gained much positive press in the past. I had noticed a few reports on facebook about drunk young uns being chucked off trains because they were shit faced. So was expecting the Gig to be a beer fest a little conservative and not suitable for a Pink Mohawk and full make up. corporate festies I have nae been to for some time. So I toned down the make up and donned my kilt. I had broken my two year abstinence from getting pissed the night before with 6 pints of Guinness. Surprisingly I didnae have much of a hangover. But I looked great and felt ready to Rock. The only real draw for me was Richard Ashcroft. I love the Verve. Catfish And The Bottlemen and Bastile I had never seen and never propper listened to before. Sigrid I had read an interview with, In Q Magazine. A Norwegian young superstar with a supernatural vocal range. So was looking forward to see if she delivered. The one band that really did it for me though was Sundama Karma. They looked ace and took their lead from Bowie, Joy Division and The Cure. They were the best dressed band by far. More on that though in a bit

My Bestie from Bradford and I set off from a damp Aulde Reekie and after a nice cooked breakie we jumped on the 900 bus to Glasgow. I explained to Jengers that Glasgow is a different world and very much a fashion show, Glaswegians put a lot more effort into looking ace and partying. As we wove our way down to Glasgow Green any worries about getting lost faded as we followed the Day Glo kids to the Venue. Fashion senses have changed recently and less deffo appears to be more. As we joined the que for admission. I was faced with the prospect of confronting my fear of sniffer dogs, they always love me and want a sniff regardless of having drugs on me or not. Pooch was preoccupied when we passed and any heart palpitations quickly calmed, we were in with a bit of Yogic Breathing. The sky was blue and the Sun was roasting. It was very very busy. A lot of the young Ladies were wearing fishnet skirts with a black thong underneath. It was all very peachy. I couldn’t help thinking it was a little inappropriate. I guess Music festivals are the new Beach and Lingerie. worn as the outfit it self is the new norm.

We soon got our bearings and headed for the Gigantic Stage to see Sundama Karma perform, we got a really good viewing position and this young band blew me away with influences and inspiration that are close to my own Heart. It was bouncing and Jolly good fun. I would like to hear this bands recorded works. First impressions were, Yeah Man. The Audience knew the songs word for word and they really suited being on such a massive stage.

Next up was Sigrid and the challenge had already been set for this Young Lady wearing the most spectacular pair of pearl sequined flares. (Did she buy them from Vic Rastalls Sequin Emporium at Glastonbury I wondered?) In the full rays of the Sun, she performed her cannon and yes her vocal range is fantastic. Sigrid owned that stage and it was easy to understand why such praise was so forthcoming. She was on fire and her flares were ace.

As the afternoon rocked on, the festy population was increasing by the moment. Me and Jenga headed for a beer and something to eat. The venue prices were reasonable. Watered and fed, we headed back to weave our way back to take in The DMA’s. The arena was rammed and yet again the audience knew the songs word for word. The feel good factor was brilliant. The Good Time factor was amping up. They were the least aesthetically pleasing of the days performances, Young ladies wearing the knickers and fish net skirt number started getting on the shoulders of people. I spent most of this performance looking at the sky, because peaches at shoulder height were just even more inappropriate. How these ladies got out of the house with such attire on I will never know. I guess minni skirts will have had the same impact in the 60’s. I never thought of myself as a prude, but really this was too much. The DMA’s were middle of the road in a Simply Red kind of way. Divine was nae impressed.

After a cold shower and a visit to the loo we wove back for Richard Ashcroft, I was excited and the shoulder height Peaches had gone for tea. He came on stage wearing A T Shirt celebrating his inclusion in The Barrowland Hall Of Fame. He had his audience in the palm of his hand and it was great fun listening to this living Legend perform his cannon. we all knew the words for this one and the feel good factor was going through the roof. My heart was smiling. I was having a belter of a day. Everyone was really really happy.

I wasnae too fussed about seeing Bastile, but soldiered on as you do. They were ok in a U2 future arena-filling sensation, corporate kind of way and I know how much hype there is about this band. They were a bit samey, Both Jenga and I were knackered there was no where to sit down. I knew the best way to get a really good viewing and listening position for the days headlining band was to wait until Bastile had finished. So thats what we did. With the biggest back line of onstage speakers that I have ever seen being prepped on the massive stage. I thought ooooo. This is all getting a bit Led Zep. To be honest I didnae think I was seeing anything that had not seen before. However, it was the audience that were the stars of this show. As you can guess it was rammed. All of a sudden a surge in the audience was created by a group of people creating a circular space, by pushing all the punters away. This was a bit worrying at first because it was really really rammed. But then on the drop of the beat, everyone jumped into the space created by the people pushing and everyone started moshing. It was great fun. And it kept on happening again and again, I couldn’t stop laughing and was really enjoying moshing. Jenga, who has seen this band perform on a number of occasions said that he had never experienced this before. It was a first for me too. The Catfish were having a really good time on the massive stage too. And then performances were over.

The end of a surreally mental Rock N Roll day. We got the bus back at 1am after taking refuge in Subway with a 6inch special of the day and a coffee. Sitting down for bit was Heaven. But what a great day that was. Innercity music festivals have the potential to be a bit rowdy and unpleasant. TRNSMT was far from that, It was good natured, good fun. There was no trouble. Aye Glasgow you rocked it.

Good Time Divine

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