The Divine Glastonbury, 2022


The weight of grief was looming as I set off on Sunday the 19th June to catch the overnight bus to Birmingham and then to Bristol from Bristol another bus to Glastonbury I landed at mid day, Bus lagged and knackered with a slight panic about getting to the healings fields. Then I heard some Yorkshire voices and a guy called Bruce, from Bradford offered to give me a lift to the Red Gate which is where I needed to be Health and Safety accredited, my suitcase was well packed but heavy and it was boiling hot. After meeting Bruce outside The Blue Note Cafe I was walking to Glastonbury Abby and I bumped into Helen and her boyfriend Stuart from Dunscore so had some lovely company .my lift was leaving at 6.00pm so we had a siesta, it was a stark contrast to the chilly winds in Edinburgh the morning before. It was gorgeous. Bruce was being very attentive texting to confirm my lift. So I lay back and let it all go and soaked up the Sun Rays. ❤

Luckily I got a lift on a tractor drawn shuttlebus to the Greenfields and I was home. It had been a long 7 years since I was in the field that changed my life forever in 1994 and first called me in 1992. 7 year cycles, 28 Year cycles and 30 year cycles. Glastonbury 2022 was about Healing Grace and healing Divine ❤

I did get Covid at Eden or was it just a cold? Either way, the snotters had waterfallled out on Saturday night and when I got off the bus in Birmingham my chest and throat were feeling sore and raw. I started the healing process with my respiratory organs and was a bit concerned that another wet festival would give me a chest infection, not that rain seemed close, the sky’s were blissfully blue over Avalon and the Sun was propper hot. I pitched my tent in the Water Circle and made friends with all of my healing neighbours, giving Rainbow Lizzzie and her Spirulina Magik a welcome hug. We were to be working together for the duration of the festival.

But first I had to get myself 100% fit. The Tuesday was a write-off energetically the journey down had taken its toll so I concentrated the whole day to the healing of my chest and the cause of respiratory discomfort. not smoking much, nae cannabis, nae alcohol. the weather was subtropical as I let the healing fields heal me. By Wednesday I was feeling 100% and the cough had gone.The weight of grief had also dispersed, I was ready to centre and work my magik.

By this time there were rumours of rain. All the smart phone people were saying that it was going to start raining on Thursday and rain right through till Monday, Rubbish I said, “Spirit had told me Eden was going to be wet and Glastonbury was going to be dry” Even when Thursdays two day cloud cover started rolling in, Spirit still spoke, “Its going to be dry” Didnae stop us from super waterproofing everything just in case. But sure enough, there was no significant rainfall from the heavy cloud cover that hung there like an omnipresent brooding threat, to be fair, the scorching Sun of the last four days, the cloud cover gave everyone’s skin a break and still it didnae rain. There was an occasional light shower, but the site was parched. By Saturday the Sun was back out.

Wednesday nights burning of the Phoenix brought the festival capacity to Kings Meadows. I watched from the comfort of the Water Circle fire. The firework display was next level magnificent. The Healing Fields was the right place to be. Another early night. My Tarot Cards were speaking to me and the power of Healing was all-encompassing and I was out like a light.
I was up at 6am on Thursday, had a coffee at Healers Reception and then headed down to the Greenpeace Field for a shower. where I met Christopher from Bath. We had a really good conversation. I hadn’t showered since Sunday Morning so was looking forward to this, it was lovely. All clean and sparkly and ready for a day of Spiritual Healing and Clairvoyance in The Healing Fields. My first client of the day was a Polis Constable Detective there with her Girlfriend. Thay both had a reading and the proceeds got me my first expensive meal of the festival, it made me giggle. I had a steady flow of clientele all-day. Everywhere I pulled my cards and crystal ball out, there was someone wanting a Clairvoyant session. It was a wonderful experience, so had a productive day and finished off Reading in The Earth Circle. The Magik was tangible.

A full day of Clairvoyance and Healing and Tarot Interpretation is exhausting, there was nae way I was ready for the crowds so again I had an early night. Friday is always quiet in the Healing Fields because everyone is bedazelled and excited for the Rock N Roll. So pacing myself after my morning Greenpeace Shower I headed to the Tiny Tea Tent for a cuppa and tinkle on the piano there. It was a lovely way to start the day, The clouds were stormy and brooding and again Spirit said “It is going to be a dry festival” As I played the keys of the lovely piano opened my Angel Wings and grounded the Healing Grace and that was the nature of the day.

I borrowed a tarp just in case, I was taking nae chances after Eden, Lizzie was telling everyone the rain was coming, as i helped her triple waterproof, we both knew all too well what a wet Glastonbury is like. “Lizzie i said, Spirit told me Eden would be wet and Glastonbury would be dry” Its not going to rain. And it didnae rain.

I wandered up to Kings Meadows on Friday for the first time and really took in The Peace Project that was grounding its change of consciousness beautifully. The Vortex was twined with the sacred geometry in the Healing Fields Air Circle. This was a work of metaphysical Genius. things had certainly advanced in a really really good way in my 7 year absence Great Healing was being received by myself and all that visited Kings Meadows and The Healing Fields. Why would I want to be anywhere else, I was receiving the healing that I needed and still Spirit spoke. “Its Going to be a dry festival” So I set up, got my cards and crystal ball out and meditated deeply, knowing, I fully understood why the Healing was so powerful.

I had a tentative plan to see the Chemical Brothers play the Arcadia Spider at 7pm I ventured out of the Greenfields. It was quite a culture shock. 1000s and 1000s of people rushing, Oh my I went with the flow, it was too much though, I stopped to watch Roisin Murphy and 45 mins in I realised that it was saint Vincent, So headed through the gathered masses to search out Arcadia and take in the soundsystem. I had room to dance so let go and got down, for a bit. But nah The Healingfields is where I wanted to be. So headed back home. All the food prices had gone up £14 for just about everything in Babylon and doing a roaring trade.A Vegi Breakfast without coffee was a tenner, I discovered vegi Burgers for a fiver in the Greenfields. That was a yummy godsend. Glastonburys cuisine outlets are very expensive. This is where the beauty of the Healing Fields donation only policy is so fruitful, people can get what they need without worrying about how much it costs and with everything else so expensive The Healing Fields Appeal is more inviting and attractive than ever before. It was a relief to get back to my tent and put a log on the Fire. And still it was a Dry Festival. ❤

The greatest food godsend, was the Hare Krishna Tent which was set up just behind where I was working in The Healing Fields along with Rainbow Lizzies nutritional expertise I was well nurtured and nourished. The Sun broke through the past constant cloud cover by mid day on Saturday. Every reading I gave was for amazing creative people doing really amazing things and being successful. Each reading that I gave on Saturday was a meant to be and a tonic for my soul. So again I worked consistently throughout the course of Saturday, It was a brilliant and deeply healing experience. It always has been, It was my 30 year anniversary, so naturally I wanted to give my best and help as many people as possible. Without the Healing Fields I wouldnae be writing this.

I did make the effort to go see Paul McCartney and my first visit to the Pyramid Stage of the festival (And the last) I couldn’t comprehend just how many people there were in Babylon, it was like London at Christmas, I got to the screen at the back and watched Noel Gallagher And The High Flying Birds for three songs and contemplated trying to get into the main arena for Paul. But I thought no I cannae do this, it certainly wasnae comfortable and the tranquility of the Healing Fields was calling. In fact that was the last time I ventured out of the Greenfields till hometime. I needed its lushness. I had another early night so that I could be showered and fresh for a busy Sunday. ❤

My early Morning Greenpeace shower ritual was set with a coffee and a tinkle on the old Joanna. Sunday morning was wonderful in The Tiny T Tent a guy called Richard came and joined me and we harmonized beautifully. Its one of the reasons that I didnae take a drum, I knew I would find a piano. Sunday was a sunny day with an early morning sprinkle of rain that lasted 10mns, no more than that though, the weather Angels had blessed us and the dark brooding clouds had blown away. Sunday was a beautiful day and perfect for working my Clairvoyant and healing Magik again working steadily and consistently. It looked like my 30th Anniversary of Glastonbury, meant returning home with more money that I went with. I did work hard and gave my best. Monday was write off I was knackered , So let the healing fields heal me I slept and relaxed.

I had an early night on Monday. cozy in my sleeping bag. I woke up at 6am and started thinking about operation Edinburgh, My coach home was leaving Bristol Bus Station at 7pm. I got a lift down into Glastonbury Town with one of the massage Ladies and we went to have some Breakfast together. I checked out the bus times after breakfast and headed up to Saint Johns to meditate with the Holy Thorn. I was shocked to find that the church was all locked up. So meditated outside the locked gates until Margaret came along to change the posters. We had a lovely conversation, Margaret had been stewarding at Glastonbury Festival and because she lived so close to site, she drove home to watch Paul McCartney on her telly, that made me laugh out loud, Quality. I asked why the church was all locked up. She said that she didnae know, but would find out. 10mins later it was all opened up and was able to meditate with the Holy Thorn and was also able to take in Joseph Of Arimatheas Chapel. I had an Ephiny an enlightenment and a blessing. God was hearing my prayers and the peace was profound. I had a Blue Shnitzel Burger and chips with a cappuccino for Lunch and then jumped on the 2pm bus to Bristol. Just in case there was rush hour traffic, I arrived at Bristol Bus Station at 4pm so had three hours before my Bus to Victoria in London where I would get on the 10.30pm bus back to Edinburgh. It was a long haul, I was exhausted and fair chewing on the bit, by the time I disboarded the Bus at 8Am in Saint Andrews Bus Station. But with a feeling of achievement. Niddrie Mill never felt so welcoming. Am still processing a wonderful adventure. ❤.

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