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Solfest 2022


Cockermouth Cumbria
24th – 30th August 2022

The last time I attended Solfest was 2008 and I had a really Good Time. So I knew this was going to be a really Good Thing. I dinnae think I was prepared for just how good a thing it was to be attending in a production and artist role. It was the first time C Note Soundsytems had taken control of The Lagoon and what a brilliant team we made to create a welcoming venue and a Solfest First. Everything about this festival was perfect.

It is by far a most welcoming part of the world, The softness of the Solway Firth and mountainous landscape. Far removed from the maddening crowd. conducive to peace of soul and mind. We arrived on site at about 7pm. The rain had stopped and wouldnae return, weathermen got this one pleasantly wrong. Wednesday night was a bit parky, once I had found The Lagoon and set up camp, I headed to the open mike at Crew HQ to volunteer a poetry performance, I was ready to deliver and was somewhat on fire after, not to mention totally lost. The night sky was clear, the Plough Guided me back to my tent and cozy sleeping bag and I was oot like a light. ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I was awake at Dawn watching the Sunrise any rain clouds were long gone and the early morning chill soon burned off.aye I thought today is going to be a warm one, after breakfast at the crew canteen and a catch-up with lots of loverly friendly Northerners who made me feel so welcome, my heart was smiling and my Soul relaxed. After breakfast and a stroll around the site, the main stage were sound-checking to Goldfrapp’s. Oh La La La. This invoked my first festival dance. Boogie Boogie Boogie. ❤ Then back to the Lagoon to help build the stage from which the weekends Drum N Bass, Techno and Dub would be performed.

Also lending a hand to the Creative Geni’s behind the decor of The Lagoon, Alison Marydoll and Samantha Butterfly. Roo Cunnigham, the captain of The Good Ship Lagoon, founder of the CNote Sound System collective who run successful Dub Nights Internationally, Up and down the UK and across Europe and now for the first time at this heavenly music festival. To present a line up of sterling young soundmasters mixing cutting edge, D&B, Dance Hall, Reggae and Techno. with live performances from Sex Cakes, this I was excited for, Sex cakes are a fast rising fusion of Spoken word and original techno, delivering work for their much-anticipated release of Sex Cakes debut album. Live on Saturday Night. I was already wet for this one. So wanted to help create a suitably grand space Grounding the healing love and Angels at every available opportunity. Becci Wallace and Blackout JA accompanied by Roo Cunningham on the decks would also deliver live performance brilliance over the course of the next four days.

By 10pm after a spectacular dinner at the Crew Canteen, I was ready for an early night, I went to sleep that night listening to Seasick Steve on the mainstage from my sleeping bag.

I was up again at the crack of Dawn for Fridays shenanigans, the young DJs were still partying from the night before I had such a giggle before heading for a (Free) shower, courtesy of my Production and Artist accreditation wristband, it was a warm and sunny morning, so clean and shaved I headed for coffee and toast at the crew canteen, it was such a beautifully pleasant place. Everyone was really nice and friendly and the stunning location and views were breathtakingly beautiful. Ahhh I thought. This is how life should be all the time. Solfest is a festival with a massive heart.

On the way back to the Lagoon for some last-minute prep before the opening to dancing punters, I headed to check out Sketchy Beats, Edinburgh’s very own creative artistic musical collective, who also had their own venue offering musical performances and jams over the course of the weekend. Sketchy Beats also had a piano, so I could have my daily tinkle. Divine loves Sketchy Beatz ❤

Once all the decor was up, I was off to find fire extinguishers and flame retardant spray. There had been a few setbacks the first was the original marquee hire people of which the Lagoon was to be housed, increasing their prices before the gig and then pulling complete (Booooooo) Then having a tent delivered and erected with a good portion of wall panel missing. This was a testing gig. However, everyone pulled together and any problems were swiftly resolved. By 5pm The Lagoon was open for what would be a totally class night. It wasn’t till dusk that the lighting genius of Sophia Ann West & Sean Zelle would be introduced to its full potential The whole thing was totally beautiful eye candy The lasers and the projections totally synched in time with the big name DJs of the night, Drum And Bass never sounded or looked so good. Metrognome and Mrs Magoo headlined on Friday night and the Lagoon was bouncing by midnight. Which I enjoyed from the comfort of my sleeping bag. It had been a long day and Divine was Knackered.

I have loved electronic music since I was a nipper, it took me a long time to get Jungle and Drum N Bass as a genre, but once I had got it, I discovered music that brought a different kind of dancer in me, but once locked in that groove the dance was on. Just like Jungle and Drum N Bass a new emerging genre of electronic dance music, Hard Tek, challenges me in the same way that D&B and Jungle did. So with ample opportunity for an early Saturday Morning musical lesson, Roo’s Hard Tek set became that teacher. It was an earth-moving experience that I was determined to understand and as I was camped backstage of the Lagoon this was the perfect opportunity to futher my education into electronic music. Hmm I thought, this one is going to take some time.

Saturday at The Lagoon, was the Live, Techno, Dubstep day and as I wrote earlier, was excited for the arrival of “Sex Cakes” Pedro and Late Night Jazz were also hotly tipped on my to-do list. It was another gorgeous sunny hot day. So after morning meditation, breakfast and make-up session at Crew HQ, I headed to Sketchy Beatz for my morning tinkle. The big headlining acts of Solfest were less of a draw for me I was much more interested in the new emerging talent, of which there were lots and lots to take in.

Sex Cakes took to the stage with a performance that was just absolutely out of this world. . Oh my, how blessed could we be. Fronted by The Duchess, a poignant voice of truth that tells it as it is with no punches barred. This Goddess has something to say and it needs to be heard and indeed it will be. (All-Seeing. All-knowing Thats Divine ❤ ) And that’s just the lyrical prowess.

The Lynch Pin is the Electronic Mastery, Synths, Beats and Guitar by The Ploughman, a superior take on electronica in league with Orbital and Underworld, powered along with the Punk Rock power bass lines of The Baron. A collective of genuine performance art anarchic genius.

Sunday at Solfest was another really warm day, after morning coffee and toast at Crew HQ and audience with The Dutchess who was giving hilarious anecdotes on the comfy couch, I headed for a shower and after a make up session, I was ready for another day of quality entertainment. My three performances were CNote Blackout Ja & Wends, Orbital and Nema Kuta. So on my 4th day in this beautiful festival, I took it easy as I needed enough energy to perform my own DJ Set 2am-4am Monday morning. I fashioned a chez lounge out of straw bales and chilled oot, it really was too warm to do much else and my 55 year old body was feeling it, so self-healing was the nature of the day.

Blackout Ja and Wends with C Note on the decks drew a healthy audience for a performance of Dub brilliance. Everyone was getting down to this fantastic fusion of love, dub and Rasta vibration from Master Blackout Ja, proving that reggae really is the music of love, everyone was having a lovely time as spiritual alchemy was taking place. So many smiles and happy hearts. Good Time it was wonderful.

After the performance,. I headed to get a good vantage point to experience Orbitals arrival on the main stage and to have a good boogie. It was a big presentation, as a mainstage act should be, yes I had a good dance and they played all the fan faves, however, the message that Orbital brought was that we are all fucked and the visuals were very much about the destruction that the rat race has caused. With industrial imagery that really was the very thing that people come to festivals to escape. A complete contrast to the love and peace I had just experienced with Blackout Ja, Wends and C Note. When Orbital presented a remix of The Spice Girls. Do You Wanna Be My Lover???????? They lost me completely. So I headed back to The Lagoon to catch Fema Kuta on the decks who played a brilliant set. Taking us into the early hours of Monday Morning.

So after my closing set at 4am, I collapsed into my tent and my mind started to unwind, slept for a couple of hours and then we were up dismantling the venue and decor, by mid-day I was really knackered but in a good way. A friend invited me back to her van for a lovely cooked brunch, I fell asleep in the field. after giving her a counselling session. By the time I got back to The Lagoon. everyone had gone home. This was the first time that I had felt a little abandoned. However, the lovely remaining crew made me feel at home. Francesca and her lovely family welcomed me into their comfort zone. Any feelings of abandonment were short-lived and Jo Robert’s beauty and smiles warmed my heart.

The Epilogue.

The Lagoon was a complete success as part of this lovely welcoming healing festival, The Crew were welcoming, Crew catering was delicious and everyone was well looked after. The festival site was Heavenly Healing, of which I am still processing the Healing that took place. I returned to Edinburgh courtesy of Louise Hare who also gave me lift to the venue. I had to wonder why it had taken me 14 years to return to Solfest, Thank you to Roo Cunningham for inviting DJ Divine to perform in the Lagoon and for this wonderful, deeply enjoyable. Solfest Experience.

See Ya Next Year ❤
Love Divine ❤

Party At The Palace 2022


Sunday 14th August 2022

For yesterday’s Rock N Roll Shennanigans, I was granted a Guestlist from the rather amazing and talented Jamie Keira lead singer of one of Scotland’s fastest rising musical talents, “Black Wolf Trap” Who would play a blinding set of Drum And Bass greatness, but more of that later.

I had forgotten just how much of a beautiful setting Linlithgow Palace is. As the train pulled into the local train station, I thought hmm am going to enjoy this. It was a beautiful warm day perfect conditions for enjoying musical greatness. My first port of call was The Purple Orange Stage to enjoy some of West Lothian’s local talent. As I arrived Nikki McDonald was entertaining beautifully to a relaxed sunbathing audience, with fine voice and a skilled gutarist. A lovely start to musical proceedings. After a wander round the festival site, to see what was on offer, I returned to The Purple Orange stage to catch the work of a musical prodigy called Molly Jane now this was equally as special, Molly’s repertoire invoked the first dance of the day, this young lady was brilliant, her rendition of Jolene by Dolly Parton brought a tear to my eye it was so good. Great things will come from both of these brilliant musicians.

Then I headed down to the main stage to catch Clair Grogan’s Altered Images for a trip down memory lane, Clair really has aged well, she is still gorgeous, All the hits were represented, I Could Be Happy, Happy Birthday and a fine selection of new compositions.
It was a hot afternoon. with everyone thoroughly enjoying themselves.

As the afternoon drew into evening I headed for a bite to eat, Haggis Neeps And Tatties, filled my belly, just before Black Wolf Trap Took to stage number 2 to deliver a performance of power-driven Drum And Bass. with frontman Jamie Keira in fine form, bouncing on the speaker stack to pull his audience in. And they came in droves to get down to the Rock N Roll brilliance of this relatively new band and ripped the field apart and everyone was bouncing.

Next on the Divine to-do list was a band called “Party Fears Three” I had heard the name before and was excited to see if this was an Associates tribute, but when they opened with a rendition of Aha’s Take On Me, I realised it was an 80’s Tribute, Brilliantly covering the hits of Depeche Mode, Blancmange, Simple Minds, Erasure et al. We were all dancing, but alas they didnae have time for any of “The Associates” I was expecting “Party Fears Two” I really wanted to see if the singer could do a Billy McKenzie. It was good fun.

I headed back to the main arena to catch Sophie Ellis Baxter’s perfect rendition of Madonna’s “Like A Prayer” Sophie is brilliant isn’t she, everyone was singing along and having a really good time.

The clouds were moving in, big dark and pendulous as the stage was being prepped for the arrival of the Human League a band I have loved since I was a nipper. It was a fantastic sing-along, as the first notes of Sound Of The Crowd arrived, Rumbles of thunder and lightning complimented the experience. It was a greatest hits set and everyone loved it despite the falling rain, By the time the encore was reached, “Together In Electric Dreams” And the closing number “Being Boiled” A full blown electric storm was taking place it was brilliant and a fitting end to the days rock n roll shenanigans.

Whilst on the Linlithgow train station platform awaiting the 11.26pm train back to Aulde Reekie, it was packed with happy party people. A chorus of “Don’t You Want Me” Broke out, everyone was singing. When we finished the song, The people on the opposite platform, heading to Glasgow, gave us all a round of applause. Indeed it was a day that kept on giving.

Thank you to Jamie for giving me the opportunity to attend and have such a “Good Time” It was brilliant.

Review: Mark ‘Divine’ Calvert
Photos By Norman Brown, Jamie Keira And Michael Mathieson

Underneath The Stars 2022


July 29-31, 2002

Collecting our passes

Underneath The Stars festival began with its eponymous song, a lovely Folk anthem sung by the equally lovely Kate Rusby – who in the terms of UTS is the ultimate local girl done good, the leading member of the Von Trapps of Cawthorne. I mean, helping to organise an absolutely top notch, ungrimy, not-for-profit music festival on your home turf, for the benefit of your mates, their mates & anybody else who wants to visit the fine village of Cawthorne & the Victorian smoking jacket it dons in its outlying fields in the form of the UTS festival – that’s pretty cool like.

Emma Hollins, festival organiser & well sound lady

I would be at the festival for just one day on my summer jaunteries– so chose the Friday as two of my favourite music-combos would be playing – the Trials of Cato & Imelda May. O my god, I love ‘Proud & Humble’ by Imelda May, & that song was the chief reason I thought I’d venture from my island retreat in Scotland down to deepest darkest south Yorkshire. That, & the fact my old time buddy Andrew Buggy just happens to live at nearby Millhouse Green – a doubling up of the raison d’etres if I ever lived one!

Andrew Buggey, being serenaded by our neighbours

Organisationwise, UTS was just so slick; a team of willing volunteers, top grade facilities – including hot showers – & a sophisticated line-up, it was all a far cry from my usual festival experience which involves getting hammered in a muddy field with loads of Scots & midgies. Alright, I did a get a bit hammered, but I wanted to enjoy Imelda May as much as possible in her full-on goddess pomp – she was as inspiring as Bjork touring Debut in 1994 – justifying me knocking back a bottle of gin at the campsite & the subsequent stagger home blind drunk & blind in the dark. But this was such a superb, honest festival that my phone, review notes & favourite cap had all been handed in the next morning! Result ! That wouldn’t have happen’d at T In The Park.

UTS is proper chilled, like, perfect for families, the deck-chair crowd & folk with camper vans wanting to get their feet muddy for a few days in a field, followed by a wipe of the butter knife morning by those aforementioned hot showers. There’s a great selection of food & drink & some interesting stalls. At times it’s a bit like a posh Butlins, having comperes go ‘hello stargazers’ when introducing acts was a bit happy campery. I witnessed this just before Trials of Cato came on – two thirds Wrexham, one third bob, whose musical suites seem’d a lot more refined than that wild folk stomps I’d witnessed in the busking streets of Chester which hooked me on the band in the first place. There’s also been a personnel change, with a Kate Bushesque lassie replacing one of the lads. I’m not quite sure I enjoy’d the new incarnation as much, to be fair, it was a bit like having Enya replace Mick Jagger!

Trials of Cato
Your reviewer at the Willowweaving

It was now time for a wander around the site, checking out the stalls – a real good, holistic selection including Mark Fraser, storyteller, Oddwood & Co tree puzzles, loads of stuff for the kids & some wonderful willow weaving that I had a go at & fell in love with. Next up was the very surreal this is your life thingy for Kate Rusby- the Cindy Lauper of folk -, a couple of thousand people being thrust into an intimate life chit-chat with Kate was a bit like being at Puttipathi ashram with Sai Baba.

Can you remember bedtime when we were allowed one plain & one fancy biscuit, two plains were alreyt, but never two fancies

Still, it was highly entertaining & reyt funny, but I did get the feeling at UTS you’re more of an acolyte than a punter – Kate was headlining Saturday night for example! But Kate is well down to earth, & epitomised the down-to-earth team behind UTC, including her sister, Emma. They represent the human spirit in its most gentlest & ambitious mode, & I recommend this festival for anybody wanting a cleaner, more cerebral experience from their festival going – & even if you don’t, the lost property is proper honest!

Words: Damian Beeson Bullen

Photography: Andrew William Buggey

Doune The Rabbit Hole 2022


Cardross Estate
Lake of Menteith
Stirlingshire, Scotland
14-17 July, 2022

After 3 long years of silence over the hills and fields of Cardross Estate the music finally returned to the beautiful and calm festival that is Doune The Rabbit Hole. With many 300 year old Oak Trees surrounding 6 classic stages you felt like Alice in Wonderland discovering new acts and talent that will surely influence your musical journey over the next 4 days. To think that for 3 years this place fell silent during one of the most difficult times that Scotland have endured in decades, but you cant keep the dance down forever. To experience first hand the joy, the relief , the love and the appreciation of all those that had missed the connection that people and music bring to Doune was a sheer pleasure. Colourful happy smiling faces, that saturated the atmosphere like a wet blanket on a hot day filled the Festival. What more could you ask for ? Well, with the line up that Doune the Rabbit Hole had secured it was certain to be memorable festival. With a larger capacity and a new layout there was more ground to cover and more acts to see so bored was not an option. All angles were considered which resulted in so much more creative areas such as: Yoga and Mediation tents, kids storytelling and workshops and not forgetting the majestic Mary Poppins tent. Hidden steam rooms and huggable trees allowed for a moment of relation between the music and theatre that was on offer. Spoiled for choice is an understatement. There was so many incredible acts that the only down part was who we could and who we couldn”t see as one can”t be i two places at once, but we can at least try…..

The Thursday evening seen Patti Smith and Her Band take the main slot and she did not disappoint . With such a huge back catalogue to cover the classic songs just kept giving and giving.. A most delightful experience it was. With 3 full days ahead of rap, dub, rock, punk, disco, funk, dance and Scottish legendary bands to fill our guilty pleasures our legs will be doing all the talking, well dancing is more likely…. Jabbering between stages you would have come across such bands as Gentlemans Dub Club to Black Wolf Trap ( who recently smashed it at the Meadows Fair) who were on fire.. With DJ sets from Huey Morgan, Tim Burgess, Optimo, Mungos Hi Fi and the formidable house of Samedia Shebeen with all their guest DJs and performers which filled the air with tropical and African beats that shook the very ground we stood on. The Tum Tum Tree tent treated us to acts like Sex Cakes, Doss ,Storm The Palace, Yoko Pwnos, The Victor Pope Band ( one of Edinburghs best known punk rock bands) and they with Mark Macghee at the controls this was the secret place to engage in some great up and coming talent… With Amy Macdonald, Belle and Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub headlining on the weekend evenings the Douner”s were covered from all directions of musical diversity . 10 cc , She Drew Her Gun, Tide Lines, Yard Act, Buzzcocks The Rezillos, Girobabies, Los Chichanos , Utah Saints, Snapped Ankle ( weird but amazing), An Dannsa Dub, Peatbog Fairies, Billy Nomates, The Bluebells, 808 State and not forgetting the classic 70s legends Boney M and Baccara. This injection of 70s disco, funk and soul created a sea of pure love and affection for a young and old. The audience were transfixed back to a time that disco fever had given us for many decades. Smile, dance and be free was the feeling flowing through the sea of fans… Over all, after what felt like 10 years, this was a perfect reintroduction to the festival scene we all missed so deeply. Big shout out to all crew and staff at Doune the Rabbit Hole for allowing us to join your party and be free to dance in the hills again…. Until next time, take care all…

Words & Photography: Raymond Speedie

The Divine Glastonbury, 2022


The weight of grief was looming as I set off on Sunday the 19th June to catch the overnight bus to Birmingham and then to Bristol from Bristol another bus to Glastonbury I landed at mid day, Bus lagged and knackered with a slight panic about getting to the healings fields. Then I heard some Yorkshire voices and a guy called Bruce, from Bradford offered to give me a lift to the Red Gate which is where I needed to be Health and Safety accredited, my suitcase was well packed but heavy and it was boiling hot. After meeting Bruce outside The Blue Note Cafe I was walking to Glastonbury Abby and I bumped into Helen and her boyfriend Stuart from Dunscore so had some lovely company .my lift was leaving at 6.00pm so we had a siesta, it was a stark contrast to the chilly winds in Edinburgh the morning before. It was gorgeous. Bruce was being very attentive texting to confirm my lift. So I lay back and let it all go and soaked up the Sun Rays. ❤

Luckily I got a lift on a tractor drawn shuttlebus to the Greenfields and I was home. It had been a long 7 years since I was in the field that changed my life forever in 1994 and first called me in 1992. 7 year cycles, 28 Year cycles and 30 year cycles. Glastonbury 2022 was about Healing Grace and healing Divine ❤

I did get Covid at Eden or was it just a cold? Either way, the snotters had waterfallled out on Saturday night and when I got off the bus in Birmingham my chest and throat were feeling sore and raw. I started the healing process with my respiratory organs and was a bit concerned that another wet festival would give me a chest infection, not that rain seemed close, the sky’s were blissfully blue over Avalon and the Sun was propper hot. I pitched my tent in the Water Circle and made friends with all of my healing neighbours, giving Rainbow Lizzzie and her Spirulina Magik a welcome hug. We were to be working together for the duration of the festival.

But first I had to get myself 100% fit. The Tuesday was a write-off energetically the journey down had taken its toll so I concentrated the whole day to the healing of my chest and the cause of respiratory discomfort. not smoking much, nae cannabis, nae alcohol. the weather was subtropical as I let the healing fields heal me. By Wednesday I was feeling 100% and the cough had gone.The weight of grief had also dispersed, I was ready to centre and work my magik.

By this time there were rumours of rain. All the smart phone people were saying that it was going to start raining on Thursday and rain right through till Monday, Rubbish I said, “Spirit had told me Eden was going to be wet and Glastonbury was going to be dry” Even when Thursdays two day cloud cover started rolling in, Spirit still spoke, “Its going to be dry” Didnae stop us from super waterproofing everything just in case. But sure enough, there was no significant rainfall from the heavy cloud cover that hung there like an omnipresent brooding threat, to be fair, the scorching Sun of the last four days, the cloud cover gave everyone’s skin a break and still it didnae rain. There was an occasional light shower, but the site was parched. By Saturday the Sun was back out.

Wednesday nights burning of the Phoenix brought the festival capacity to Kings Meadows. I watched from the comfort of the Water Circle fire. The firework display was next level magnificent. The Healing Fields was the right place to be. Another early night. My Tarot Cards were speaking to me and the power of Healing was all-encompassing and I was out like a light.
I was up at 6am on Thursday, had a coffee at Healers Reception and then headed down to the Greenpeace Field for a shower. where I met Christopher from Bath. We had a really good conversation. I hadn’t showered since Sunday Morning so was looking forward to this, it was lovely. All clean and sparkly and ready for a day of Spiritual Healing and Clairvoyance in The Healing Fields. My first client of the day was a Polis Constable Detective there with her Girlfriend. Thay both had a reading and the proceeds got me my first expensive meal of the festival, it made me giggle. I had a steady flow of clientele all-day. Everywhere I pulled my cards and crystal ball out, there was someone wanting a Clairvoyant session. It was a wonderful experience, so had a productive day and finished off Reading in The Earth Circle. The Magik was tangible.

A full day of Clairvoyance and Healing and Tarot Interpretation is exhausting, there was nae way I was ready for the crowds so again I had an early night. Friday is always quiet in the Healing Fields because everyone is bedazelled and excited for the Rock N Roll. So pacing myself after my morning Greenpeace Shower I headed to the Tiny Tea Tent for a cuppa and tinkle on the piano there. It was a lovely way to start the day, The clouds were stormy and brooding and again Spirit said “It is going to be a dry festival” As I played the keys of the lovely piano opened my Angel Wings and grounded the Healing Grace and that was the nature of the day.

I borrowed a tarp just in case, I was taking nae chances after Eden, Lizzie was telling everyone the rain was coming, as i helped her triple waterproof, we both knew all too well what a wet Glastonbury is like. “Lizzie i said, Spirit told me Eden would be wet and Glastonbury would be dry” Its not going to rain. And it didnae rain.

I wandered up to Kings Meadows on Friday for the first time and really took in The Peace Project that was grounding its change of consciousness beautifully. The Vortex was twined with the sacred geometry in the Healing Fields Air Circle. This was a work of metaphysical Genius. things had certainly advanced in a really really good way in my 7 year absence Great Healing was being received by myself and all that visited Kings Meadows and The Healing Fields. Why would I want to be anywhere else, I was receiving the healing that I needed and still Spirit spoke. “Its Going to be a dry festival” So I set up, got my cards and crystal ball out and meditated deeply, knowing, I fully understood why the Healing was so powerful.

I had a tentative plan to see the Chemical Brothers play the Arcadia Spider at 7pm I ventured out of the Greenfields. It was quite a culture shock. 1000s and 1000s of people rushing, Oh my I went with the flow, it was too much though, I stopped to watch Roisin Murphy and 45 mins in I realised that it was saint Vincent, So headed through the gathered masses to search out Arcadia and take in the soundsystem. I had room to dance so let go and got down, for a bit. But nah The Healingfields is where I wanted to be. So headed back home. All the food prices had gone up £14 for just about everything in Babylon and doing a roaring trade.A Vegi Breakfast without coffee was a tenner, I discovered vegi Burgers for a fiver in the Greenfields. That was a yummy godsend. Glastonburys cuisine outlets are very expensive. This is where the beauty of the Healing Fields donation only policy is so fruitful, people can get what they need without worrying about how much it costs and with everything else so expensive The Healing Fields Appeal is more inviting and attractive than ever before. It was a relief to get back to my tent and put a log on the Fire. And still it was a Dry Festival. ❤

The greatest food godsend, was the Hare Krishna Tent which was set up just behind where I was working in The Healing Fields along with Rainbow Lizzies nutritional expertise I was well nurtured and nourished. The Sun broke through the past constant cloud cover by mid day on Saturday. Every reading I gave was for amazing creative people doing really amazing things and being successful. Each reading that I gave on Saturday was a meant to be and a tonic for my soul. So again I worked consistently throughout the course of Saturday, It was a brilliant and deeply healing experience. It always has been, It was my 30 year anniversary, so naturally I wanted to give my best and help as many people as possible. Without the Healing Fields I wouldnae be writing this.

I did make the effort to go see Paul McCartney and my first visit to the Pyramid Stage of the festival (And the last) I couldn’t comprehend just how many people there were in Babylon, it was like London at Christmas, I got to the screen at the back and watched Noel Gallagher And The High Flying Birds for three songs and contemplated trying to get into the main arena for Paul. But I thought no I cannae do this, it certainly wasnae comfortable and the tranquility of the Healing Fields was calling. In fact that was the last time I ventured out of the Greenfields till hometime. I needed its lushness. I had another early night so that I could be showered and fresh for a busy Sunday. ❤

My early Morning Greenpeace shower ritual was set with a coffee and a tinkle on the old Joanna. Sunday morning was wonderful in The Tiny T Tent a guy called Richard came and joined me and we harmonized beautifully. Its one of the reasons that I didnae take a drum, I knew I would find a piano. Sunday was a sunny day with an early morning sprinkle of rain that lasted 10mns, no more than that though, the weather Angels had blessed us and the dark brooding clouds had blown away. Sunday was a beautiful day and perfect for working my Clairvoyant and healing Magik again working steadily and consistently. It looked like my 30th Anniversary of Glastonbury, meant returning home with more money that I went with. I did work hard and gave my best. Monday was write off I was knackered , So let the healing fields heal me I slept and relaxed.

I had an early night on Monday. cozy in my sleeping bag. I woke up at 6am and started thinking about operation Edinburgh, My coach home was leaving Bristol Bus Station at 7pm. I got a lift down into Glastonbury Town with one of the massage Ladies and we went to have some Breakfast together. I checked out the bus times after breakfast and headed up to Saint Johns to meditate with the Holy Thorn. I was shocked to find that the church was all locked up. So meditated outside the locked gates until Margaret came along to change the posters. We had a lovely conversation, Margaret had been stewarding at Glastonbury Festival and because she lived so close to site, she drove home to watch Paul McCartney on her telly, that made me laugh out loud, Quality. I asked why the church was all locked up. She said that she didnae know, but would find out. 10mins later it was all opened up and was able to meditate with the Holy Thorn and was also able to take in Joseph Of Arimatheas Chapel. I had an Ephiny an enlightenment and a blessing. God was hearing my prayers and the peace was profound. I had a Blue Shnitzel Burger and chips with a cappuccino for Lunch and then jumped on the 2pm bus to Bristol. Just in case there was rush hour traffic, I arrived at Bristol Bus Station at 4pm so had three hours before my Bus to Victoria in London where I would get on the 10.30pm bus back to Edinburgh. It was a long haul, I was exhausted and fair chewing on the bit, by the time I disboarded the Bus at 8Am in Saint Andrews Bus Station. But with a feeling of achievement. Niddrie Mill never felt so welcoming. Am still processing a wonderful adventure. ❤.

Eden 2022


Raehills Meadows

June 9-12, 2022

The festival experience is at the same time both an intimate one & a shared one. Like everybody else, each summerstuff’d reveler is up for the dance, the crack, the goodies & the girls, or the boys of course if that’s what you prefer. As for the intimacy of a festival experience, that would be your own very personal journey into, through & beyond the thrilling nexi of the festival arena.

To fashion a more intimate Eden for myself, last Friday I decided to take the scenic route; a boat from Arran to Ardrossan, from there a bus to Kilmarnock, then another bus to Cumnock – a fine wee town in whose library I printed out my ticket – before my last bus hurtled south thro Kirkonnel & Sanquhar before dropping me off at the Forest of Ae. It was then 11 miles of spiritually cleansing hiking, up & down some gorgeous countryside, before I reached the A701 at Parkgate. 10 minutes later my photographer arrived in his van from Edinburgh, James Wallace. He’s off to Glastonbury in 2 weeks, & saw his first Eden experience as a good chance to get his eye in, so to speak.

We park’d at the top of the hill near the main entrance & immediately got on it. The site was different – more streamlined, more focussed. The old main stage had gone – needing to be rebuilt I was told – with the Mountain Stage taking over top drawer duties. Friday night saw Supergrass whip up a storm of funky Britpop after which as a returner to Eden I was drawn to my favorite spot – the open air Lost Disco & its floor of flashing lights – it was nice to be home !

Benjamin from Newton Stewart loving his work

At some point in this period of beats & boogieing I met a lovely lady who latched onto me & was trying to persuade me to go to her tent. In hindsight maybe I should have gone, but I was having such a good time & never actually took her up on the offer ! She was 29 & everything & well hot ! That’s how good Eden is, I’d rather be buzzing about the garden than snuggle up with a true beauty! 

Next day dawned in roving reporter mode – & it just so happened to be my birthday! Yes, I am a June 11 boy, & that’s generally Eden weekend, so I always have a special sentimental symbiosis with this festival in particular.

Skittling downhill into the cozier, less sprawlier site, lush with June vegetation, James & I proceeded to nosy up the stall-holders for a bit, with a first port of call at Motley’s crepes, part of the Edinburgh-based ‘On The Roll’ foodstuff people. I had a birthday bratwurst while James thought his crepe was delicious, but alas lost a good third of it to a gust of wind which flipped his plastic plate like a toss of a coin. 

The weather in general was never great, but never terrible, with only a couple of heavy showers creating a smattering of mud. One of these showers propelled us to seek shelter under a tent outside the Melodrome stage where we joined in a common chorus of Queen songs & others, with laminated lyric sheets darting about the crowd while a funky conductor kept us all in order.

Blaze Watson – a kid wise beyond his years

Other cool stalls in this area of the site were the Solar Vinyl Lounge, ran by Nick from North Wales who plays whatever the public wants on some reyt retro decks. There was also Stephen Brown from Middlesborough’s stone carving workshop – a lovely guy who comes to several Scottish festivals a year, & perennially inspires the cave artists in us all. 

Steve & Nick’s stalls were just two among many intertextualising features of Eden’s central areas. Fairy Emelina entertained the kids in the children’s area, there were chill out areas with gentle acoustic vibes, & at one point I got involved in a drum circle. Nobody had the balls to got to the congas in the middle of the circle, but I did, it was my birthday & I was well buzzing. I didn’t do any shamanic wailing tho, like I usually do when in a drum circle – which is probably a good thing!

So to 5pm & the arrival of Rosie & Elaine, down from Edinburgh on a dayticket & ready for the rave. Lots of fun was soon procured from the gods of dance & karma & away we 4 went, like warriors riding our mighty stallions of groove, beercups held like lances & our enemies the minions of normality which infest our routine lives. 

The Mouse Outfit

By 9 PM I had persuaded them to find the bicycle powered Boardwalk stage onto which The Mouse Outfit stepped, oozing cool in that quirky hip-hop collaboration of theirs. A real treat & perfect for the Eden vibe. Then it was back to the dance area for more raving, followed by the Basement Jaxx DJ set which was absolutely jumping – I mean totally jumping, proper bouncing like.

After this I can’t really remember very much. I did get a call in the morning from Rosie & Elaine saying my flip-flops were outside their tent. How they got there & indeed how I got back to Camp Mumble I will never know.

It was now Sunday morning & time to do one. James drove me all the way to Easterhouse on the eastern fringes of Glasgow – he’s not a fan of the Biggar road anyway – from where I slowly floated home to Arran on a mental melange of shits & giggles.

Words : Damian Beeson Bullen

Photos: James Wallace

Two Weeks ’til Eden


Eden, one of Scotland’s best-loved music festivals, is only two weeks away. With over 300 acts appearing this summer, this year’s hotly-anticipated festival is more than welcoming the return of the revellers to get lost within The Garden.

Set within the family-friendly woodlands of Raehill Meadows in Dumfriesshire, this alluring 10 staged festival covers all musical bases from World to Funk, Classical to Jungle, Indie to Acoustic, Dancehall to Folk, and everything in between.

Headliners are SUPERGRASS, with five Top 10 albums (six, if you include a greatest hits), ten Top 20 singles, Brit and Ivor Novello-winning Oxford ‘Alright’, they will be bringing 3 decades of top tunes to SW Scotland, so expect a party!

“We are so excited to welcome everyone back to the Garden for Eden 2022. After two years we are planning on bringing you the best Eden yet! If you want to dance the night away, chill out around the fire or hang about in the best festival tavern ever, we have your back. With a killer line up and an amazing site we have a feeling the garden might eat us all this time!” Hannah Gould, Eden Festival Director.

Right from the start of the debut album ‘Remedy’, Basement Jaxx (Felix Buxton & Simon Ratcliffe) have been bringing beats to venues and festivals all around the world as one of the UK’s most renowned dance acts. With one of their legendary DJ sets, expect the proverbial Meadows roofs to be raised and feet to be grooving.


The Divine Lindisfarne


Lindisfarne Festival

Beal Farm, Northumberland

1st-5th September, 2021


After all the festivals that I had and planned on and have given my everything to got postponed till 2021. I didnae think that I was going to get to a festival this year. Then out of the blue, last Thursday, Damo of The Mumble sent me an EMail asking me if I would like to review the Lindisfarne festival this coming weekend. No festivals for two years, wow I really needed to shake the no festival mindset. So of course I said yes.

The Psy Party in Saint Andrews this weekend just gone was my first time in the field since Doune 2019. Playground Festy didnae count coz it was inner city. So Saturday night was my warm up for Lindisfarne. All of my fave bands are playing. Groove Armada, The Girobabies, Jakyl Trades, Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 (My first time of seeing the new release performed live), Leftfield, The Alabama Three, Stanley Odd, Feet Of Clay, (From The) Jam. Am looking forward to reviewing the artists at the Sketchy Beats cafe too. And after 18 months of withdrawal from live music my thirst for the muse is about to be inspired. Honestly, with a line up like this in a place of deep Holy Healing beauty. What is there not to be looking forward to. Baby the dance is on. Full Mumble Report Coming Soon.


I got a car share with Gillian a new pal, organized by the very wonderful Jamie of (Jamie and Shoony fame ) who came to pick me up at 3pm. Gillian very expertly drove us both to Lindisfarne. It’s a while since I have been to a new festival and over two years since I have been to a festival at all. It was also three years since I have been over the border to England. On arriving, the festival crew were ever so welcoming, pleasant and helpful, I had this really lovely warm feeling in my belly, a warm intuition that I was really looking forward to working with this team of lovely people. Arm banded up we went and pitched our tents and settled into our new home for the next 4 days. It was so lovely to put my faithful little waterproof tent up, arranged the wardobe, put my Karrimatts down and spread my quilt and placed my sleeping bag over the top, maximum yummy comfort. It was quite a cool night and the ever-present cloud cover was a stark contrast from the hot sunny day we left in Edinburgh. so went to the volunteer Crew Hub and grabbed a coffee before getting cosy in my little comfy tent and grounding the angels and setting the intention to have as best a time possible. It was nice to send healing from the Lindisfarne festival site as Mother nature Softened my heart and I left social media behind, I began to adjust to being in my new surroundings and meditated and went deep. Spirit spoke to me in the silence. “At festivals, anything is possible” “Aye” that’s why I love them.”


I never sleep the first night in the field at festivals, I was processing deeply all night from Sunset to Sunrise I guess I had a lot to let go of and was wide awake as Dawn broke, I had let it all go. So I reached for my make up and started the day with colour. By the time I got coffee at Crew Volunteer point and went for an explore of the festival site and a look over to the Holy Isle of Lindisfarne itself. The peace was profound. Hmmm I thought this is going to be a nice festival and my Gigz of the day that I had penned were The Girobabies and The Smoking Jeffries later on that night. It was a pleasant morning with everyone busying around for festival beginnings at 2pm. So I headed over to check the Healing area out and the beautifully massive healing and performance art venue serving yummy chai called Shanti Bee, Immediately I knew we were going to be friends, it was so lush and so comfy with a really good Soundsystem and ambient tunes. to compliment the experience. Perfect for the days distant healing, I then explored the other Spiritual Healing Delicacies available within the Healing Village, It really was Soul Food.

After Morning Chai, meditation and distant Healing at Santi Bee I decided on a Tarot and Rune reading from the very wise and gifted Liz Hay. It was a spellbinding 30 minutes that would show me the Mountain of creativity I still had to climb, but to keep focused as I would summit successfully. Yeeeha, ❤ Then I had a really interesting conversation with a lady that was dedicated to womb healing, indeed it is the one of the things that had been an important part of my own healing journey. To understand Spiritual Healing as facilitating the release and healing of past trauma experience. It was just brilliance and one of the best and important things I have ever seen at a festival. Mizan Therapy is a must for all Ladies. (Check the Lindisfarne Web Site for more details) of Shanti Bee, Liz Hay and Mizan Therapy.)

After my morning soul food. I needed some food in my Belly so I headed to the noodle bar for some spicey noodles, nice size portions and £2 off coz I looked fabulous. Then back to Volunteer Crew Hub to organise some wood for the Volunteer Crew Fire. Pick up my drum and freshen up my make-up. My next phenomenally interesting conversation of the day was with The Earl Of South Shields, a published poet and author who was also having a film being made about him and his life as a homeless heroin and crack addict. His one ambition in life after being clean for 6 years was die sober. Blimey, once again I was grateful to Thatchers “Just say No!” Campaign in the 80’sit stopped me from trying smack as a coping mechanism. Honestly kids drugs and alcohol just make life more difficult. Mind saying that if someone had said to me taking drugs and drinking alcohol at a festival when I was in my 20’s wasn’t a good idea.

Would I have listened? The Earl Of South Sheilds was a sound bloke and a new friend. having been 12 months sober myself, I fully understood the benefits of not getting spangled at festivals. It did take me until I was 50 to get it though. After a can and a half of Cider in St Andrews the week before. I decided that Lindisfarne was to be a Sober Festival. I wanted to be able to capture and remember as much of the experience as I could. I didn’t take my opportunity to review this lovely festival lightly and I knew that for me to give it my best work. it was to be a sober festival.

Having sourced the wood for The Volunteer Crew Fire, we had a warm hub to return to. Festivals and Fire kind of go hand in hand, so tending for the volunteers and grounding the healing love was one of my duties. I made lots of lovely new friends at that fire. Back at camp, people were starting to arrive, the field filling with tents and the sound systems were being fired up. Victor Pope And His Band of Merry Men had arrived and were camped just next to me, it was a lovely neighbourhood. Spud the Mumble’s photographer was also part of that crew too. The Scottish posse were assembled and I was ready for the first live music since 2019. “The Girobabies” fronted by the Scottish West Coast Musical Entrepreneur and wordsmith Mark McGhee, with Jo D’Arc the voice and bass of The Twistettes, his creative partner both on and off-screen providing the driving force with a band of new recruits on lead guitar and drums. Together they unleashed the Girobabies cannon performed live for the first time in quite some time to which received a full house and a rapturous good time and sing along. The band and audience fully enjoyed the experience and was the brilliant opener. It was quite an emotional experience seeing a band of people that one admires deliver the first live performance that I have seen since 2019. It was brilliant to dance and enjoy The Good Time.

The next band up another part of the Scottish contingent of Rock N Roll, The Smoking Jefferies took to the stage to receive a hero’s welcome as the revellers were completely engaged with band, song and musicianship, everyone was dancing and went mental when Jamie (Of Jamie And Shoony fame) Joined the band on stage to perform his lyrical prowess. It was the brillliant warm up party for this lovely Festival, By this time Divine was Exausted, am 54 not 24. My little tent and sleeping bag were calling and I was out like a light,. that had been a massive day both my mouth and heart were smiling and ZZZZzzzzzzz

“Great wee festival. Everyone was on top form. Happy people laughing and dancing. Just the ticket!” – Carol Atkinson (right)


By this time I had kind of lost my sense of time and Friday felt like a Sunday, So after Morning Meditation and distant Healing at Shanti Bee, I let go of time and concentrated on the moment, i was back at volunteer hub and one of the volunteers came crying, saying that someone had taken her bag with everything in it. My heart went out to her, it triggered memories of having everything thieved at the beginning of a festival, its not fun. So finding out that someone had handed it in to security, made my heart beam. Thank fuck for that. There were no thieves at Lindisfarne, Reading and Leeds it is not. I made a new friend too because of that, Good Time. My bands of the day, were to be Allahbama Three and “From The Jam” So I dedicated the day to Dance.

My first dance of the Afternoon was at The Temple, smooth house to ease me into the Four To The Floor, It was great fun and was totally taken by the tunes presented, perfect for healing dance and grounding the Angels, then back outside to let rip with a bit of Reggae and Dub at the Dub Shack, again the dance took me. I had a few tears at this point, so emotional to be back dancing to music that I love in the heart of Mother Nature. Everyone was having such a good time. I was revving up for The Alabama Three at 7pmish. After Dancing I headed to get some food for my belly. Sweet chilly chicken on a pitta bread from The Gastronomical. It was very tasty and cost £8. After being watered and fed I headed back to my tent to put some warmer clothes on, there was quite a chill in the air, After outfit change, I headed back to The Volunteer Hub to check that Monster Andy had delivered the wood for the nights fire, He had, so I started building a warm fire for the Volunteers to return to.

The Main Stage was housed in a massive tent, just big enough to cater for the punters attending for the big names of the night. But it was a squeeze and Nicola would have been throwing a paddy if this had been Scotland. It really brought home that England is a different world, very few masks, (I only saw two) And nae social distancing. Lots of hand sanitizer though, probably the cleanest festival I have ever attended. Its always the 2nd day without a shower in a field that feels the grubbiest. After that it feels normal. Anyway back to The Alabama Three. Big Rock n Roll productions have been short on my to do list for the last two years, so this was quite an emotional moment too. The sound production was lush as The Alabama Three give us a best of set and the full house was bouncing. Again everyone was having a thoroughly Good Time.

Next up “From The Jam,” Rick Butler and Bruce Foxton replicating The Jam’s best moments and all the hits. If one closed ones eyes and imagined Paul Weller on vocals it could almost have been the real thing. I was having a chat with a chap about The Jam, back in the olden days, I did like the hits, Start, Funeral Pyre, Town Called Malice ect, but had never heard a full album. Have seen Paul Weller live once, that was Glastonbury 1993 and it taught me what a true master is. However, they didn’t wear enough make up for my liking so greatest hits it was. Again everyone thoroughly enjoyed The Jam renditions of music that touched a certain generation in a big way. Smiles and reminiscent moments of a misspent youth. Good Time.

Again it had been a massive day, I didn’t have the energy for Dizzee Rascle. Being in a massive packed tent, two bands were enough. So I headed back to Volunteer Hub for some nice socialising and fire tending with my lovely new friends. Good time Divine


Saturday was the big day, Three of my favourite bands on the planet were performing. Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 ❤ The Victor Pope Band ❤ Groove Armada ❤ Yeeha ❤

So as usual I started the day with a makeup session and headed to The Volunteer Hub for a coffee, there was a real buzz in the air, like a communal excitement, Shanti Bee and Sketchy Beatz were to be my initial draw of the day. It had been a Scotch Mist light rain kind of morning but soon dried up, a warm change would gradually come in over the course of the day. So by midday, the waterproofs were off. I headed to The Messy Gypsy, a stall with three beautiful ladies doing glitter, makeup and hair braiding. I was after a gold sparkly sphere on my forehead, to bring Bowie to the party. It worked a treat, brilliant work from a very attractive creative festival venture. I asked if wet towel shaves might also be included for next time. Good Time. The Messy Gypsy is another must for ladies at festivals, the whole thing was just yummy.

Sketchy Beats was packed to overflowing so I never got to see the amazingly beautiful Drag Queen Show, So I headed for Shanti Bee for the days distant healing, meditating and grounding the love, while a packed Yoga class worked their expertly guided moves. It was a beautiful thing to do on a cold and blowy afternoon, it freshened me up and realigned my chakras. Programmed the healing for The Mustards and Groove Armada performances and then headed to Gastronomical for the £8 chilly chicken on a pitta bread, then back to Sketchy Beatz for The Victor Pope Band’s performance. It was a joy as always, to see and enjoy this band of experienced musicians work their magik. Everyone had a great groove and for the first time the multi-talented Roy Jackson sang backing vocals much to our delight, It was also great to see Jess Aslan on Keyboards and electronic treatments performing her magik with the band.

After thoroughly enjoying the Spangled Cabaret of The Victor Pope Band. I headed to the Dub Shack for some afternoon dancing a cappuccino and some yummy cake, I did lots of Reiki Moving meditation whilst in the dance, Grounding the love and healing through me Giving it my best moves, after all Reggae is the music of love and it was a beautiful way to spend a Saturday Afternoon. After I felt really refreshed and thought to myself “Aye have done all the right things today to make me feel wonderful. Next Gig Colonel Mustard And the Dijon 5 at 7.00pm. Beforehand I went in search of Monster Andy to make sure that The Volunteer Hub had enough wood for the volunteers Saturday night fire. then it was off to refresh my make up and lose some layers, it was really hot and sweaty the night before in the main stage tent, so dressed accordingly.

Ever since purchasing The Mustard’s new release. The DiffiCULT No2, if one doesn’t already have a copy rush out and buy one, it really is a masterpiece of rock n roll dance fusion. It has been on heavy rotation since April this year. A collection of songs that came to life on the live circuit. It is an Album that made No2 in the Charts and because of Scottish Covid restrictions, this was to be the first performance without a socially distanced audience and also my first time of witnessing the new long-player played live. The venue was rammed with the Yellow faithful and lots and lots of new recruits went wild as Colonel Mustard And The Dijon 5 took to the Stage. It was great fun and a great sing along. Ted Dancing is my fave And like all of the performances at Lindisfarne, the lush production really brought out the best performance art from this wonderful band of musicians. It was a fantastic performance and just as I suspected, the yellow magik had moved up a stage. The Mustards are going to be even more massive. It is the bands time to shine ❤

Groove Armada have been an important band for me over the years and having been a percussionist for MC Mike Daniels who wrote and sings Superstyling, it was like a bit of a reunion of friends that I havenae seen since Groove Armada played the last Playground Festival in 2019. that was a fantastic gig too. The Lindisfarne population had swelled considerably since Dusk an extra 1700 tickets were sold for the evening itself. So it was more than a packed house. It was the one performance that I wanted to get to the front for I wasn’t quite prepared for just how packed it would be at the front, the whole of the massive main stage venue was over capacity, I managed 3 numbers until I felt that I needed more space to enjoy the performance. It was quite easy to work my way through the assembled masses to find a space that I could sing along and dance to the brilliant music. The band played the same set as they did at Playground and everyone of the massive audience loved it and had a really good time. All of the hits were represented from Groove Armada’s career and vocal and lyrical prowess of MC Mike Daniels, Becky Jones, (better known as Saint Saviour,) and Veba bringing the brilliant songs to life. It was a fantastic closing gig of a weekend packed with brilliant music. My favourite singalong was Paper Romance, had been rehearsing singing the chorus for quite some time. Everyone loves Groove Armada and everyone loved being at Lindisfarne for this brilliant live experience. This is what life is all about having a thoroughly Good Time. I still think At The River should be the opening number because all the rest are dance floor bangers.

After the closing gig, I headed to Delta City for some Techno and really got down “Shakin My Ass” Then went for a coffee at the Volunteer Hub Crew Fire to check on the healing flames, then headed for the little cozy comfy tent for a rest and a bit of a sleep. Before the morning jam at the campsite. That was wonderful too as we were joined by a Gentleman called Tex who sang Bob Marley numbers to perfection another fine opportunity to practice singing harmonies and drumming some rhythms and after 3 days of dark moody sky’s the Sun made a crescendo appearance just as we were packing up and tatting down. it was to be a very warm day indeed. Once again Gillian drove me expertly back to Aulde Reekie with a suitably accomplished warm feeling in my belly that started at the moment of arrival the previous Wednesday. Hmmm I thought to myself. My Lindisfarne Cherry has well and truly been popped. What a fantastic experience.

Mark “Divine” Calvert

Knockengorroch Responds to the Coronavirus


image001 (1).jpg

We’re getting in touch about the growing concerns on how COVID-19 may impact this year’s festival.  We are aware that mass gatherings in Scotland will be affected and that this may include us.

At the current time we intend for Knockengorroch to go ahead as planned on 21 – 24 May, with additional measures put in place to protect all of you, including enhanced hygiene measures.  Our chief concern is our commitment to you, our loyal audiences, and ensuring Knockengorroch is a safe event for all.

We have however formed a contingency plan.  Should the event not be able to take place in May, it will be rescheduled to September 2020. We have taken steps to ensure our license, venue and the vast majority of our line-up will remain in place should we have to postpone.

All tickets will be transferrable and anyone who cannot make the dates in September will receive a FULL TICKET REFUND, as per the Skiddle official terms and conditions. We want to reassure you that we are closely monitoring the situation and working with all of the relevant authorities to continually review national and international guidelines.

We will continue to keep you posted on plans for Knockengorroch 2020. All ticket buyers will be informed immediately if we have to postpone, and please keep an eye on our website and social media for other information, as we have it. Stay healthy everyone.

Knockengorroch Festival team